Jia-Sheng Chen


I am an industrial/UX designer with rich experiences in design innovation, human-centered design, and cross-disciplinary practice — proficiency in design integration, UX research, and fabrication. My practice includes digital fabrication, commercial product design, graphic design, and crafts. Passionate about finding new possibilities to achieve design goals in both digital and physical platforms. I am a fast learner who can adapt well to a new environment and good at problem-solving. With my past working experience, I am familiar with designing sophisticated products, visual design, user experience, and new product development.

Welcome to inquiry. Portfolio website: www.js-designworks.com

In my viewpoint, a designer is a life planner who balances between dreams and reality. Who enables us to find suitable methods for the present condition, utilizing critical thinking, researching skills, artistic training, and good communication skills to cooperate with people in different fields.?