Alex Boyd


I am a Graphic Designer/Visual Artist with 10 years of experience in the creative field. I have been part of projects involving several design and art branches such as Branding, Illustration, Animation, 3D and Product Design mainly.
My work is often divided by personal and commercial projects, which go from designing merchandise for brands to developing full brand identity projects for customers all over the world, which has trained my hand, brain and eyes to have a very adaptative way of working, depending on customers' needs, going from simple vector art to hyperrealistic graphics and illustrations, mainly used for the fashion, TV and game industries. I have more recently been high school and master's degree teacher in anatomy, traditional and digital illustration, digital animation, 3D modeling and also Adobe CC trainer.
As for personal projects, I design my own products and prototypes from concept to printing and manufacturing, such as clothes, accesories, decoration and furniture mainly.