Khanya Boniwe


I Khanya Boniwe am thrilled to be writing a cover letter of what I would bring to your company. I am extremely passionate about graphic design I am motivated every day to find a new solution to a problem and overcome the design. Designs from logos, photo manipulation and illustrations are what I dream about to only put them into reality as a graphic designer I am constantly working on new designs. I love creating and executing new elements that have not been thought of in conclusion I live and am a graphic design. I am inspired by my surroundings which play a big part when it comes to designing my work. When creating visuals or media advertising, art and being transparent with one's creative and emotive side plays an imperative role. As I am an artist my work is eye-catching as I interpret vintage looks with the modern age technic to bring something new and unique. My way of putting my work into pieces is very simple. I have a layout that involves negative space and positive space so that they complement each other. Just like in fashion everything comes together like it was never apart and when it is done, the final cut is astonishing. I always work smart and hard so that everything I design is smooth and clean. With my designs I always take them personally since what I am expected to present or design always has my mark on it and I pride myself on delivering or creating quality. My work ethic means a lot to me, and it inspires my next execution to what I am yet to do at hand. I evoke emotions that give positive exciting feel which shows my personality within my work which I always try to leave a message to inspire or uplift. Working every day and being productive is something that made me diverse as I keep myself busy creating content, it is just peaceful to visualize something before you create and I use this as my practice so that I can see my work before putting it together. With each set of work, I do I put a story behind it based on my personal experiences as well as the brief that is at hand being to execute what is expected but exceed expectation with my personal touch. Inspiration exists, but it must find you working. [m] +27 71 508 3014 [e] [email protected]