Seth Beckton


Hi, thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I am an accomplished photographer of 10-plus years working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. I have advanced skills in Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Capture One Pro, Google Docs, etc. I have worked with Canon cinema cameras, RED
cameras, Sony Cinema, and medium format digital and film. My computer operating system of choice is Apple. I did use Windows and learned the operating system at an early age. I am a leader in my respective groups and community. I have curated and worked as an event producer. I have five years in retail, three plus years working in hospitality and fine dining, and four years working with the Aspen Art Museum as a photographer, exhibition video producer, curator install assistant, art installation crew, and gallery attendant. I am a canvas artist and director of short films. I am currently learning as much as possible about NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and Web3. Along with taking up an interest in Python, HTML, and C. I have an infinitive drive for learning, asking questions, taking risks, having fun, and teaching as much as learning. I am an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for mountain biking, trail running, and snowboarding I am interested in picking up skiing and visiting new mountain towns, and having new ski experiences. I have worked with companies such as Transworld Snowboarding, Aspen Snowmass, Mountain Flyer, Pink Bike, and Vital MTB to name a few.